Lands of Kafka, golem or Elisabeth Bathory present their dark/goth music manifesto for the third time!

Anthology “Dark Tunes from Czech and Slovak Caves Vol·III” introduces the selection of the most interesting current projects from the dark heart of Europe. Download 25 tracks from Czech and Slovak artists for free.

XIII. století

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There is a no bigger name on the Czech Gothic scene than XIII. století. And not only here. The legend of gothic rock, which arose in 1990 on the ruins of the punk cult HNF, is rightly considered a star even in our neighbourhood. For more than thirty years, there has been no one, who could dethrone this werewolf pack. And the live gigs confirm, “The Thirteen” still has enough strength even after such a long time…

Noví Lidé

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Noví Lidé creates music in the style of dark electro with an overlap into post-punk and dark wave. Since 2013 they have released two albums: „Světlo a stín“(2017)and „Kruh“ 2020). In 2022 they released two singles „Naděje a klid“ and „Rezavý vítr“.

Bratrstvo Luny

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The single „Atlantida“ announces the arrival of a new album „Aquarius“. This is the first author’s composition of the band’s new frontman Bruz D., who also recorded the current studio album „Clamare“ (2021) with Bratrstvo Luny. LunArt Music and post gothic - that’s how the band covers its work, which also released a joint project with Petr Štěpán (XIII. Století) „Luna nad Iglau“.


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Guitar, electro and dark beats, that’s Munroe. The band consists of poet Jan Kunze and Vladimir Jaške. Instrumental minimalism, black and white aesthetics, a rawness referring to Jarmusch’s Dead Man and a bit of Jeseník voodoo. Munroe, this is tribal rock and roll, built on a distinctive riff and a shamanic groove. The song “Ochutnávač” is from their second album “Divoké kvítí”.


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Panda: “When the text was being created, the feminine theme of a so called „good girls“ jumped to my head. It is about good girls craving recognition, who blindly fulfil external demands while completely forgetting their worth, completely controlled by what others think of them because they have fallen into the feeling that they are bad. And then the moment hits and you can’t be in it for a second longer. Maybe we can feel abused, but primarily abused by ourselves.”

Cathedral In Flames


We are the gods. We are the goths. We are Cathedral In Flames.

Not Another Vampire Song (music: Gatsby, lyrics: Phil Lee Fall, production: John Fryer)

Standard Society

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We are Standard Society - audiovisual art group from Košice, Slovakia. Our methods of work are dada, surreal and documentary. Musical genres we cover are ambient, industrial, noise, techno, punk and metal. We perform electronic live acts.

Phosgene Girls


The dark guitar band built on an electronic foundation returns to the stages after a three-year hiatus. PG is returning to its fifteen-year-old roots with new compositions, and at the same time, projecting a mental transformation, they are looking for new ways out of the stereotypical gray of today.

Love My Science

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LMS is one woman project. Ingrid Rudavská makes music, writes lyrics, plays various instruments, paints, writes novels and short stories. Music is inspired by new wave, post punk, punk and synth. LMS has released two albums: „Perfect disorder“ and „Patterns“.

Rekrok 101


A Slovakian-Finnish Synth-Ethno-Folklore-Industrial-Experimental band, based in Helsinki. Line-up: Fujara (Jose Mikuš), synths+DAW (Henrich), vocals (Oskar). Featuring on the Hirvimies track: Tomas Heriban (bassguitar, based in Ireland also plays for Dingwall and Sivcak Guitars).



AnAstromo (Peter Chudík of 580_Miles) is one man electronic project from Slovakia inspired by the Universe. Since his debut album „Promethia“ (2015) he has released several albums and singles. Some of them with visual support and time to time also vox cooperation with Sudlice and Nino Sable.

Dave Von Tenebrae

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DvT is a genre fluid one-creature project, of which the main ingredient is the dark eighties seasoned with wormwood, fennel, and anise.


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Papalescu2 is a musical project of Moimir Papalescu and his son Miki. Their first album was released 5 years ago, when the young drummer was only 11 years old. “Android” is a song from the last album “Homework2” so far. The track was composed by Miki, the vocoder parts were sung by Moimir and the robot was programmed in the voice editor by both protagonists together.


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Isiolia is a solo project originated in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Keyboardist Julie started with music production in 2010, influenced mostly by synthpop, darkwave and EBM. In August 2021, Isiolia debuted with her first album „I Saw It Coming“ and in 2022, she performed at Prague Gothic Treffen.

Lakeside X

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Lakeside X is synth-pop band based in Prague. Their sound has been many times compared to acts like Mesh, De/Vision or even Depeche Mode. The band returned this year after a 10 years’ hiatus with a new, fourth album titled “Love Disappears” produced by Daniel Myer.


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Projekt203 – The Slovak band that produces music with a unique electro/guitar sound. This musical brainchild of the composer and producer Ondrej Pešek is accompanied by Sissi Enns’ expressive vocals and Dirty77’s guitar.


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ALT is an electronic with elements of industrial, darkwave and neo-romanticism. Author of the lyrics and music is Roman Halouzka. He is also the only face and voice of this project.The lyrics describe human relationships with a more romantic vision. 11/2022 releases online debut EP „Sobě“.


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Dark electro dance project resonating with the current fetish scene, which places a strict emphasis on wildness, rhythm and dance creations in an energetic and marked melancholic, magical and emotionally gloomy conception of inner perceptions of the deepest corners of dark souls.

Body Of Pain

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Jana Vytiska doesn’t need much introduction. Those who knew their way around the darkened Prague clubs of the pre-COVID era could not fail to bump into the garage Dorian Gray and the successful painter at least five times a week. His musical alter ego first worked in band Johnny the Horse, but during lockdowns he put his guitar in a corner, got himself some analogue synths and with his girlfriend Tereza Ovčačíková founded a new coldwave/darkwave project Body of Pain. They applied their absolute love for the genre on their debut “We No Longer Exist Anymore”. You’d be hard pressed to find a sexier band on the current scene. And at the same time it is a musically perfect reminiscence of good old EBM.


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Bolehlav is Michal Milko’s project that combines the best elements of heavy dubstep with breakcore, metal, industrial and noise experiments. The result is music as a neurotic disorder, broken beats, twisted bass, offensive guitar and lyrics cut by Occam’s razor into just the most important messages. His debut EP Don’t Believe In No Ghosts was released by French Audiotrauma label in 2019.

Mia Bohemia


Jitka Charvátová (Skyline, Ocean) aka “Mia Bohemia” and Martin Pavlík (Frontier Guards). The work presents the listeners with its own “individual universe”, the content of which are interpretations of natural elements of earth, water, air, fire and the subsequent interaction with man. The project understands its own work as an initiation path whose basic idea is the desire to feel, perceive, float through these elements/energies, ask questions and find answers.

Hank Rosse & The Light Beyond

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“Who will write a song for me?” These were the requests on a songwriters’ forum. So Hank Rosse wrote „A Song For Me“. The lyric ended up as a hymn of egoism in a romantic relationship backdrop. Despite efforts to be inspired by current rock-pop (from Mars), echoes of SOM finally stick out of it.


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Warteraum is Misha Nyman-Sramkova. A Vienna based producer and songwriter with Czech roots. A one-woman-project exploring the dark aspects of electronic music and industrial pop, but leaving space for further interpretation by listeners. Welcome to the future. The future will bring you “Mars Delta”.


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Eclipsed project is the founder, pioneer and only follower of an intergalactic planetary style called “klingondisco “. The track „Hooloovoo“ is a song from a forthcoming new album. The group members live in neverending time-loop, but you could know them from projects kifoth, l.i.o.b. or samhain.


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The neoclassical choir Opertus represents a sensual, distinctive protagonism of musical romanticism, which brings to the contemporary Czech music scene a heavy and highly atmospheric position of rendering deep emotions transformed into an orchestral composition.


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